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  Be getting on well with ones study某人的学习越来越好

  take several courses at school在学校学若干门课程

  have English (Chinese, Physics) every (other )day work hard at

  put ones heart into…专心于;致力于

  be interested in

  be fond of

  like chemistry best

  be good at ; be poor at ; do well in ; be weak in

  make progress in ; fail in …’ be tired of …’

  pass the examination; give sb. a passing grade;

  major in history 主修历史

  He has the best record in school. 他的成绩最棒。

  get a doctors degree 获得博士学位

  be more interesting to sb.

  learn about; succeed in; be active in class (work);

  take an active part in ; learn by heart;

  work out a (maths) problem; improve oneself in ;

  get 90 marks for (English); get an A in the exam;

  have a good command of

  lay a good foundation in (language study)


  get on well with sb; like to be with students;

  be gentle with us; be kind to sb;

  be a strict teacher; be strict with ones pupils;

  be strict in work

  We think of him (her) as ; help sb with sth;

  praise sb for sth ; blame sb for sth..

  give advice on ; question sb on

  be satisfied with

  correct the students homework carefully and prepare for the next day; give sb a lot of work;

  try to teach sb good study habits; make ones lessons lively and interesting; teach sb. sth.;

  teach sb to do sth.

  devote all ones time to work;

  admire (sb.for) his devotion to the cause of education



  spend ones time in many different ways;

  enjoy doing things by oneself; go swimming;

  go for an outing; have an outing at (the seashore);

  see the sights of Beijing; play the piano (violin);

  play chess (basketball); have a swim;

  have dances on weekends; have a picnic over the weekend;

  go to the cinema; have a party; hold a sports meeting;

  do some reading; help sb do sth; enjoy a family trip;

  get everything ready for;

  ride ones bike with sb.to(the park);

  There are a lot of activities at (the beach).

  We enjoy a change from our busy life in the city.

  She would like to bring sth. to the picnic.

  It was a very relaxing Sunday.

  There are good programmes on TV on weekends.


  take a message for sb; send a message to sb;

  hear from sb; talk about/of sth; tell sb to do sth;

  get information about;

  express ones idea (feelings) in English用英语表达一个人的思想(感情);

  Write sb a letter saying…给某人写信说... apologize to sb for

  thank you for ; make a speech t at the meeting;

  explain sth to s; look upon sb as ; think sb to be ;

  take sbs side


  would like to do; allow sb to do;

  keep sb from doing (prevent sb. from doing);

  call on sb to do; be afraid to do (be afraid of )

  fee like doing; insist on doing; drive sb. off;

  speak highly of sb; speak ill of sb; think highly of sb;

  force sb to do; offer to do; refuse to do; agree to do;

  regret doing;

  prefer to do A rather than do B; had better do;

  would rather (not) do.


  have the habit of doing; have no trouble doing;

  make up ones mind to do;

  prepare sb for ; give up doing; do sth as usual;

  do what he wants us to do; set about doing;

  try ones best to do=go all out to do;

  get into trouble; help sb out; do ones bit for New China;

  wait for sb to do; find a way to do; make friends with sb;

  show (tell) sb. how to do; take (send) sb to ;

  Im trying to find;

  Im afraid we are out of ;

  pass the time doing; feel a little excited about doing;

  cant help doing; do some good deeds to people;

  be prepared for more hard work;

  Some are doing A, others are doing B, and still others are doing C.

look around for ; look up (down) at ; catch sight of
take a look at ; hear sb do (doing); take notice of
take view of ; have a good understanding of
consider sb (sth) to be ; come to know
realize that ; know that +从句

be pleased with ; be delighted in doing
take a pleasure in doing; be worried about;
feel surprised at

be sorry for
; be angry with sb for sth;
be angry about (为某事生气)

look forward to doing
; wish to do; expect to do;
long for (long to do); be sick for one
s home;
have a strong desire to do ;

be in good shape; be in good (poor )health;
feel weak (well, terrible, sick); have got a high (slight ) fever;
have a slight (bad) cold; take one
s temperature;
have got a pain in ; be good (bad) for one
s health(eyes);
Its nothing serious. stay in bed until; save ones life

It (take)sb. some time to do; It is said that ;
be fit for; be short of; be well dressed;
miss the lecture (train); changeinto;
waste time doing; spend time doing; be busy doing;
have no choice but to do; I cant help it. be in need of;
be mistaken about ; fall behind; catch up with;
on behalf of; instead of; be welcome to do;
Running, biking and swimming are popular in summer.
Skiing and skating are my favorite winter sports.

You letter came to me this morning.
I have received your letter of July the 20th.
Im writing to you about the lecture to be given next Monday.
Im writing to ask if you can come next week.
How time flies! Its three months since I saw you last.
Thank you for your letter.
In reply to your letter about (the exhibition this year);
Let me tell you that

Please remember me to your whole family.
Give my best regards (wishes) to your mother.
Best wishes.
With love.
Wish you a pleasant journey.
Wish you success. Wish you the best of health. (luck)
Looking forward to your next visit to China.
Looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you.
Expecting to hear from you as soon as possible.

Go down this street
Turn night/left at the first crossing
s aboutmeters from here
You can
t miss it
In front of behind at/a the corner(
Pass two blocks



  ⑴A large number of visitors come here

  ⑵There are lots of visitors coming here every day

  ⑶Many people visit here every day

  ⑷A lot of people pay a visit here every day


表列举:for examplefor instancethat is to say
表补充:besidesin additionmoreover
表对比:on the one handon the other hand
     in spite of
表原因:because ofthanks todue toowing to
表结果:thereforethusas a resultso
表结论:to concludein a wordin briefto sum up